NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete

Recruiting Realities encourages all college bound student-athletes to download a free copy of the NCAA Guide! The 2014-2015 is available!

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Recruiting Guide

Student-Athlete Guidebook

The Recruiting Realities book should be read, studied and referred to throughout a student-athlete high school career.

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Guide for Student Bound Athletes

Free Student-Athlete Evaluation Form

Complete our student-athlete form to receive a professional evaluation of which colleges would be a right fit for you academically and athletically.

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Bring Jack Renkens to your High School

Jack Renkens, CEO and Founder, and the team of Recruiting Realities’ goal is to educate high school counselors, coaches, parents and student-athletes in the recruiting process.

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Positive Parenting Rules & Tips

The parent’s coaching job is the toughest one of all and it takes a lot of effort to do it well. It is worth all the effort when you hear your youngster boast (now or later on) that you played a key role in their success.

Parent Recruiting Tips

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30+ years of Collegiate Recruiting Experience

Recruiting Realities has been developed to provide student athletes and their families with an educational resource about the collegiate athletic recruiting process. In order to participate in college athletics at any level, all student-athletes have to be evaluated by coaches and/or recruiters. If you (the student-athlete) are not rated as one of the top 300-500 hundred players in your sport, position or event in the world, you need to realize the competition for athletic related-aid has become so intense that student-athletes now need to market themselves. Read more...

Channel 12 News Exclusive Interview w/ Jack Renkens:

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Free Student-Athlete Evaluation Form:

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