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30+ years of Collegiate Recruiting Experience

Recruiting Realities has been developed to provide student athletes and their families with an educational resource about the collegiate athletic recruiting process. In order to participate in college athletics at any level, all student-athletes have to be evaluated by coaches and or recruiters. If you (the student-athlete) are not rated as one of the top 300-500 hundred players in your sport, position or event in the world, you need to realize the competition for athletic related-aid has become so intense that student-athletes now need to market themselves


“Jack was great!! I can’t begin to tell you how many positive comments I have received. I would rate the presentation a “10”. Jack’s message to our parents, coaches and student athletes was one that not only provided information on college athletics but also about participation in high school athletic programs. Jack does not waste time with this audience and gives the realities of recruitment. It is a message that all share-holders for high school athletics should hear whether or not they will participate in the collegiate level.”

-Ken Seybold, Athletic Director

“Thank you so much for informing the parents/athletes about Jack Renkens’ presentation! It was such an informative lecture and covered many of my gray areas in the college recruiting arena. Those who attended will truly benefit from the bountiful resources and knowledge that Mr. Renken’s covered! I thought I was only raising Gators, until I heard the lecture – I now have a broader perspective of the bigger picture.”

-Amy Fallace, Parent

“We have had Jack at our school on two different occasions and each time the reception has been the same, “excellent.” Jack’s presentation is entertaining and informative he is very knowledgeable on the recruiting process giving up to date information and most importantly he is honest with the parents and athletes. Jack also addresses parents and their role in their student/athletes relationship with the coach, their development and marketing for scholarships in an honest and forthright way.”

-Mark Albertine, Athletic Director