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A proven effective, affordable road map to Get Noticed & Get Recruited!

Student-athletes in all sports have dreams of continuing their athletic careers at the college level. Recruiting Realities has been providing this low cost publication for 20 years that educates student-athletes and their families in collegiate recruiting process. Whether the student athlete is being highly recruited or not recruited at all, Recruiting Realities supplies detailed information that addresses every possible recruiting situation. It is a clear and direct guide essential to the aspirations of student athletes in all sports.

This book was written to encourage student-athletes to not only educate themselves, but to take initiative with their college recruitment.

ONLY $29.95 (Includes free shipping & handling for USA residents. International shipping fees will apply.)

For a limited time, complimentary copy of the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete with every book order.


Ultimate Student-Athlete Handbook

A proven effective, affordable road map to Get Noticed & Get Recruited!
Only $29.95 (Includes free shipping & handling for USA residents. International shipping fees will apply.)



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Now Included with all book orders, a complementary copy of the New 2017-18 NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.

What Student-Athletes and Parents Can Expect to Learn?

The Student Athlete College Recruiting Guide is an Annual Edition book authored by Jack Renkens. This 150+ page recruiting book is updated each year to include the most recent collegiate recruiting guidelines and resources.

  1. WHO is responsible to initiate the recruiting process, to research schools and to market the student-athlete.
  2. WHAT avenues are available for student-athletes who want to participate at the college level, but are not being recruited.
  3. HOW to obtain a copy of the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete free of charge.
  4. WHY there are so many opportunities to participate in collegiate athletic programs and why student-athletes don’t know about them.

Recruiting Realities should be read, studied and referred to throughout your high school career. Parents and student-athletes need to be honest, confident and aggressive in following the guidelines recommended.

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

The quality of this publication has been attested to by thousands of parents, educators, student-athletes and coaches. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your order fee in full.

Free shipping for USA residents only. There will be a shipping fee of $30 for International book orders.

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“Jack was great!! I can’t begin to tell you how many positive comments I have received. I would rate the presentation a “10”. Jack’s message to our parents, coaches and student athletes was one that not only provided information on college athletics but also about participation in high school athletic programs. Jack does not waste time with this audience and gives the realities of recruitment. It is a message that all share-holders for high school athletics should hear whether or not they will participate in the collegiate level.”

-Ken Seybold, Athletic Director

“Thank you so much for informing the parents/athletes about Jack Renkens’ presentation! It was such an informative lecture and covered many of my gray areas in the college recruiting arena. Those who attended will truly benefit from the bountiful resources and knowledge that Mr. Renken’s covered! I thought I was only raising Gators, until I heard the lecture – I now have a broader perspective of the bigger picture.”

-Amy Fallace, Parent

“We have had Jack at our school on two different occasions and each time the reception has been the same, “excellent.” Jack’s presentation is entertaining and informative he is very knowledgeable on the recruiting process giving up to date information and most importantly he is honest with the parents and athletes. Jack also addresses parents and their role in their student/athletes relationship with the coach, their development and marketing for scholarships in an honest and forthright way.”

-Mark Albertine, Athletic Director